Find The Best Commercial Broker For Your Transaction Here

Leasing a Restaurant Space?

Buying an Office Building for your business?

Selling your Apartment Building?

Need a commercial loan?

Find the best broker for the job here.

Find The Best Commercial Broker For Your Transaction Here

Leasing a Restaurant Space?

Buying an Office Building for your business?

Selling your Apartment Building?

Need a commercial loan?

Find the best broker for the job here.

Our unique process and client support system analyze your specific needs and matches you with one of our vetted, experienced, and knowledgeable commercial brokers in the marketplace you need.

Partner with the right commercial broker today!

Completely free and easy to start


Just go through our easy to use system so we can learn more about what type of broker will be best for your transaction. It’s quick, easy and free. If you feel your transaction is more complex then feel free to contact us directly here.


Every broker we match you with is a known professional in their field, prompt, and knowledgeable. Together with our support staff we provide an unmatched experience from search to closing


All of our brokers are required to have a minimum level of experience in the asset class they represent in volume and transactions. We want to ensure you have the right broker by your side.

successful connections between buyers, sellers and commercial brokers over the past 5 years.

How Top Commercial Brokers works

Give us a few details about the property you are searching for.

Our team searches our network of top brokers in your desired area and type of property

Our broker partner reaches out to you to better understand your needs and start the process. If you ever need additional support throughout the process our team is here to help.

Only if the deal closes, do we get a small referral fee from your broker, no costs to you just great service!

Why Top Commercial Brokers is the best way to pick a Commercial Broker

Tap into our network of experienced, top notch, service friendly agents

Searching for a broker can be a difficult task, especially in the exact sector of the market and area you are looking for. All good commercial brokers are very specialized in what they do in relation to region and asset class.

Every client has very unique needs based off their own specific needs, even more so than residential real estate. Our team is experienced in assessing your particular scenario to correctly match you with the right broker in our network.

Our goals are aligned with yours

Commercial Consults wants to partner with you from start to finish to ensure you receive the best service and achieve the best results you are hoping for.

Because we only collect our fee (from the partner broker) once your transaction successfully closes – we work hard to find the best possible agent for the job, as well as work with you and them until the deal closes.

Through our resources and data collection, we can assess our network of brokers continuously on their closed transactions to see where their expertise lies and know which is the best broker for which type of transaction. If they do not meet our standards, our broker partners can be replaced for brokers performing at a higher level.


Hiring your Realtor Aunt is a bad idea

Many people start their search with a friend or family member based off of a long term relationship, although not a bad idea in theory, your Aunt will not have any experience, knowledge or relationships in the commercial world. Even if you found a general commercial broker, chances are they do not handle transactions in the sector and sub market you require.

Because commercial real estate is very specific by transaction and market, very few brokers will be able to help you properly. Beyond the specific expertise that our brokers are required to have, they also have extensive networks to help you for all types of needs inside and outside your transaction including services like: property management, architects, construction, and much more.

Common Questions

• How does Top Commercial Brokers work?

TopCommercialBrokers is an online, free service that connects clients with commercial real estate needs to top-performing, local commercial brokers.

• How can I be sure you’ll find me the right commercial broker for my needs?

Our network includes 5,000+ top performing commercial brokers from small and large brokerages nationwide, each chosen based on our specific metrics and successful closed transaction history. The member brokers are selectively invited based off their performance in their market place – they are known for excellent results for their clients.

• Is there any payment for this service?

The service we provide to you is completely free and no obligation.

• How does TopCommercialBrokers get paid?

Only after a broker successfully finishes a transaction (i.e. client signs the lease, acquires the commercial building, etc.), the broker pays us a small fee based off the commission they received for the transaction.

• How fast is your service?

Once you have submitted your request through our system, we will reach out to verify any information needed. Within 1-2 business days, we will have one of our agents reach out to you based off your specific deal needs.

Finding the right commercial broker is difficult

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